Great Pumpkin Derby

Great Pumpkin Derby

When: October 26th, 2019
Where: In front of Coloma City Hall
Weigh-in at 11a.m. & Racing starts at 12p.m.

For complete information and rules, view the Official Coloma Lions Pumpkin Race Rules and Entry Form.

Building a Pumpkin Racer is really quite simple, put two axels through a medium size pumpkin and attach wheels! The pumpkin be hollwed out but must retain the pumpkin shape. The use of a solid base with affixed wheels is not permitted. The axels to which the wheels are attached must penetrate the pumpkin and not support it. The axels can not be attached together.

Race Rules

The total weight of the RAcer, including axels, wheels and any decorations can not exceed (20) twenty pounds. The width not to exceed (20) inches. There will be a weigh-in before the race. The race will consist of a run down a ramp in seperate lanes onto the street for a distance of approximately (30) thirty feet, with the winner advancing to the winners bracket and the losers to the last-chance bracket. Racers can be adjusted between each race and will be required to weigh-in prior to any race. Wheel/axel Kits (consist of 4-5″ plastic wheels, a 36″ x 5/16″ threaded rod for the axle, nuts and washers.) can be purchased from the Lions Club for $15.00.

Entry Fee is $10
Prizes will be awarded in CASH!

1st place: $30
2nd place: $20
3rd plcae: $10
Best Decorated: $20

Note: Click the icon below to download the latest version of Adobe Reader, which may be required to open the Raffle Grid pdf file.

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